Volunteer with Sunshine & feel the warmth!

There’s no question that volunteering is a great way to feel alive and connected with your community. But we think that to become a volunteer with Sunshine is particularly special.

At our heart – and what we’ve done since 1924 – is to truly care about people. Spend just a small amount of time with us, and you’ll quickly feel valued, and warm to the joy and satisfaction you’ll gain as a Sunshine volunteer.

Whatever your life skills or experience, we most likely have a valuable role you can play.

Some examples include:

Spend time with a person with disability

Sometimes the most important way you can help is simply to be yourself and spend time with one of the people we support. Perhaps you have a shared interest and together you could head out to lunch, or to a movie or shopping?

Offer an experience to be remembered!

Maybe you have some funds available that allow you to cover something truly memorable – like a day on the harbour, a trip to Luna Park or ten pin bowling! Together with support from Sunshine’s staff, you can create a day that’s truly out-of-the-ordinary for the people we work with.

Team corporate days

Do you have a team of people who’d like to work together to make a difference? With multiple homes to care for, we can always use willing hands! Perhaps your team can take on a painting or building project, or even a garden makeover?

Administrative support

Perhaps you have administrative skills you can share with us? There may be under-resourced areas that would benefit from your support and help us increase how efficiently we can do things, or our capacity to do more.

Every year, volunteers contribute thousands of hours in helping us support the people we work with.

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to know more about volunteer opportunities at Sunshine. Please complete our online Expression of Interest Form and we will be in touch.