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Corporate partnerships

Can your business support Sunshine by partnering with us?

Corporate partnerships – delivered through sponsorship, volunteer placement, mentoring, partnering with an event or a workplace-giving program (to name just a few examples) – have a significant bearing on our ability to deliver our operations efficiently, effectively and to the highest possible quality.

Responsibilities such as IT infrastructure, professional development, HR practices and programs, advertising and more are not ‘client-facing’ activities, and therefore they do not attract direct funding or support from the government. Nonetheless, each is vital to maintaining robust organisational standards and practices.

We are tremendously grateful to our corporate partners whose support helps us in these key areas.

And as with all the very best partnerships, there is a mutual benefit to be gained. Apart from the very tangible and practical advantage we gain from the help given by our corporate partners, our partners also benefit. Experience shows us that corporate partners value the broader perspective they gain by working with us. The sense of goodwill and connection that comes with reaching out to an organisation such as Sunshine builds engagement, satisfaction and a positive culture among participants.

There are many ways your company can assist us. We would be thrilled to hear from you to discuss what’s involved in forming a corporate partnership with Sunshine. Please contact us today to learn more.