Leave a legacy

A little ray of sunshine…

Perhaps you have a long-term connection with Sunshine and you’d like to continue to support the work we do after you’re gone? Or maybe you’ve heard about the importance of our work in the lives of so many people and you’re considering leaving a legacy to help us?

Remembering Sunshine in your will makes a huge difference to the lives of people with disabilities – and it is a truly beautiful legacy to leave behind.

Sunshine is highly regarded for the warmth, dignity and respect we show the people we support. At our heart, we deeply honour people as individuals, and strive to make it possible for each person our work touches to live their own best life.

Your legacy will make a meaningful impact on our capacity to live out this mission.

We would be pleased to speak with you about how you can include Sunshine in your will, and in doing so, help us continue to support people with disability to live their own best life. Please contact us to learn more.