We currently have a shared living vacancy for 4-5 people in supported accommodation.
Located in Glenwood, close to shops and public transport. If you would like to express your interest or enquire for more information please call us on 1300 266 222.

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What would be your ideal living arrangement?

At Sunshine, our goal is to support your choice regarding where you live – whether that’s at home with your family, or in a place of your own, or a home with others in the community.

We’ll listen carefully to get a clear picture of your goals. Then together, we’ll come up with a way forward that can help you achieve them.

The support we offer is flexible and can adapt as your needs change over time.

Our support at home services include supported living and group home accommodation. Support is provided through the continuum of in home through to a 24 hour model of support.

If you’d like to know more about the support we can offer you, please contact us.

Supported Living

At Sunshine, we work together with you, your family and support network to come up with the right type and amount of support so you can live a good life.

Supported living gives you flexibility and control over the type and level of support you receive and only provides support where you need support.

We offer support through four different supported living funding streams:

ILSI (Independent Living Support Initiative)

DHASI (Disability Housing and Support Initiative)

ILDIS (Independent Living Drop-In Support)

SLF (Supported Living Fund)

Below is a glimpse into the lives of two people supported by Sunshine through Supported Living.

Having met in their teens while living in an institution, Jo & Les later fell in love and, now in their 60’s, have just celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary. Les and Jo have had their challenges living  interdependently in the community, as do any couple, but they have worked hard to support each other and continue to be a loving and supportive couple who enjoy their own individual accomplishments and pursuits as well as their time together.

Contact us today to find about how we can support you to live the life you want.

In Home Support

Through in home support, our focus is to help you grow your skills and confidence in managing everyday tasks and live the life you want.   

Sunshine’s support staff can assist you to make sure domestic tasks are taken care of and to meet any tenancy obligations. As well as offer you support to reach your goals and experience the things in life that interest you.

We can adapt the amount of support you receive in response to your changing needs.

Below is a glimpse into the life of Malcolm who entered an institution when he was 5 years old. After some 47 years of living in the institution, Malcolm moved into his own home in the community. Malcolm now has a life firmly embedded in the community where he lives. Additionally, advances in technology have given Malcolm a chance to communicate and connect with the most important people around him.

Contact us to learn more about Sunshine’s drop in support services.

Aged Care

If you are an older person with disability, Sunshine offers specialised community housing that supports people with significant mobility and other health issues.

Our aged care homes are located in neighbourhoods and present like any other home. Leisure options are offered within the home, and you can access local community services and activities as well.

Contact us to learn more about Sunshine’s aged care accommodation services.

Group Homes

A group home gives you greater support and companionship, and being part of your local community. Sunshine currently supports people who live in group homes in Hornsby, Lower North Shore, Blacktown/Parklea and in areas of the Central Coast.

Regardless of how much support you may require, our goal is to assist you in developing your independence, and mastering new skills.

Sunshine’s group homes are staffed by caring and enthusiastic team members who live out our mission of supporting people to live, grow and develop their own best life.

Contact us to find out more about Sunshine’s group homes in Sydney and Central Coast.