Host Employer

Host employer (TTW program)

Giving a young person the opportunity to gain work experience is a fantastic gift – and one that will benefit your business as well.

Sunshine’s Transition to Work (TTW) program gives school leavers valuable experience in the workforce.  We support participants to develop real work skills via training and work experience opportunities.

We have developed positive relationships with the employers we work with as we spend time with them learning about their unique requirements and developing a program that meets the needs of their workplace as well – this includes the frequency and duration of each placement; the tasks allocated and standards expected; dress code and social expectations. Our staff can fully support our participant and are available for regular feedback to ensure the program remains mutually valuable.  .

We’re excited by the positive impact TTW has on the lives of the young people who take part. And we’re delighted by the great feedback we received from host employers about the contribution made by their young employees to their business – on many levels.

Contact us today to find out more about becoming a host employer with our TTW program.